Taylah Drinkwater

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Taylah Drinkwater

Bubbly, focused and kind. Taylah, your dedicated real estate business manager with a deep passion for the vibrant lifestyle of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. While she comes from the charm of Balmain, Taylah's heart truly belongs to the dynamic energy of Bondi, where she often spends her weekends. With a love for travel, Taylah brings a worldly perspective to her work, having visited numerous countries and experienced diverse cultures.

Growing up in a family rooted in the hospitality industry, she developed a keen palate for discovering new restaurants and bars, always seeking out the latest culinary delights.  Taylah completed a Bachelor of Communication and Media, majoring in advertising, in 2021, honing her skills in marketing and communication. Now, as a business manager in real estate, she thrives in the dynamic nature of the industry, embracing each day's unique challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm and dedication.

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