Shani Costi

Image of head

Shani moves swiftly. Exuding energy, ease, and efficiency, she’s a mirror to the fast-paced TRG environment and ensures all elements of the sale are connected. Prepared to add the finishing touches; confident to operate in your best interest. Attentive. Communicative. Reliable. It’s how she’s built a reputation of prestige service and prompt availability, and a contact list that’s second to none. Social by nature, she keeps up with the team and in touch with her clients. Drawing on a background in international law and finance, she’s strategic and thorough in her approach—and it’s this impeccable attention to detail that makes all the difference—long beyond your first impression.

Taking pride in seeing TRG evolve. From six staff in one small office to now over 30, Shani has always seen the bigger picture.

TRG is synonymous with Sydney’s elite property. A real estate agency built on a commitment to challenge the traditional and continually deliver for our clients.

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