Remi Lindsay

Image of face

With a background in PR and luxury marketing, Remi’s attention to detail is impeccable. Coming from an industry that values innovation, creativity and craftsmanship, she saw the parallels in Gavin’s vision for TRG and has since worked relentlessly to shape the company’s point of difference. Fierce and focused, she builds synergy that transcends words. Because at TRG, there’s freedom within structure and Remi’s unique perspective on real estate allows her to not just meet expectations, but exceed them.

There’s a softer side to uncover with Remi. A nurturer by nature, she’s the heart of the group. Always by Gavin’s side but never far for the rest of the team. Empathetic, positive and caring, she manages relationships. Growing the business while growing with the business. The lines between work and life may have blurred, but Remi has a clear vision of where it’s going.

TRG is synonymous with Sydney’s elite property. A real estate agency built on a commitment to challenge the traditional and continually deliver for our clients.

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