Patrick Cosgrove

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Tenacious, Patrick stays on top of the ball. And when it comes to transacting and negotiating in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs — it’s in his court. With more than a decade of experience across both blue chip residential and investment opportunities, it’s Patrick’s innate market knowledge and intuitive understanding of his clients’ objectives that allows him to be one step ahead. He’s a leader, not just in his team but in the real estate arena — setting an example for efficiency and excellence. Confident to do things differently and consistently exceeding expectations, Patrick radiates the revolutionary energy that defines TRG. And with it, writes not just record deal, but real estate history.

When he’s not at work, home is an environment of likeminded people with shared values. Those who trust in each other’s strengths and push to become better, every day. That’s what makes working at TRG more than a profession, but a defining part of Patrick’s character. And it’s the reason why for him each sale is not just business, it’s personal.



TRG is synonymous with Sydney’s elite property. A real estate agency built on a commitment to challenge the traditional and continually deliver for our clients.

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