Montana Holgate

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Vibrant, positive and driven. Montana is a professional from the Lower North Shore whose journey through the diverse realms of business has brought her to a thriving career in real estate. With a Bachelor of Business Management, Montana has dedicated 3.5 years to navigating the complexities of the Inner West real estate landscape, turning challenges into triumphs.

Montana’s professional path hasn’t been linear, taking detours through Hospitality and Tourism before a recent stint in Media. However, the allure of real estate has always beckoned, revealing her unwavering passion for the industry.

Montana’s forte lies in her genuine enthusiasm for customer service. Whether it’s forging connections with clients or diligently contributing to the team’s success behind the scenes, she brings a holistic approach to her work.

Beyond the professional arena, Montana’s heart finds solace in the warmth of home—a place where she crafts and shares moments with family and friends. This personal philosophy seamlessly integrates into her professional life, creating a balance that reflects her commitment to meaningful connections and shared triumphs, both in real estate and in her personal tapestry.

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