Jye Emdur

Image of face

Jye knows that patience is a virtue is a valuable asset when it comes to navigating the property field. With his sight set on working for TRG since getting into real estate, he’s now got plenty of skin in it working alongside Cae, Ytana and Adar. It’s his unrelenting dedication paired with sensible strategising that sees him conduct every transaction with ease. Present from first contact to making you feel welcome in your new home, he strikes the perfect balance of professional and personable. And it’s exactly those characteristics that make up the common denominator in his team. Established in a working relationship that goes beyond words—but translates to a new standard set for sales of their kind.

For Jye, home is where memories are made. It’s why Dover Heights holds a special place in his heart, and why the office has the same appeal.



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