Chrissie Ren

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Chrissie Ren

Chrissie is a seasoned professional with a remarkable blend of skills and a decade of real estate experience that truly sets her apart in the industry. Her experience working in the construction, marketing, and fashion industry give Chrissie a comprehensive understanding of the uniqueness of properties. With industry-related knowledge under her belt, she has honed her expertise to a razor-sharp edge. Holding prestigious credentials as a CPA Australia and JP NSW, Chrissie brings a unique blend of financial acumen and legal understanding to the real estate landscape.

Fluent in both English and Chinese, Chrissie bridges culture and communication gaps effortlessly, opening doors to a broader spectrum of opportunities for her clients.

With her unique combination of professional expertise, caring demeanor, result-driven attitude, and organisational prowess, she is a true asset to the eastern suburbs.



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